Using the Five Elements Theory, YY’s essential oil based beauty products offer greater levels of harmony and balance between the internal and external selves. Rooted in the ancient Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang, YY offers a complete range designed to provide a sense of personal wellness and spiritual peace through the balance of each of the Five Elements of the Universe —Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Featuring highly effective formulations, luxurious textures and heavenly aromas, many YY products are over 90% natural.

The Five Elements operate throughout the Universe in a cyclical and interactive fashion, providing constant smooth and harmonious transition from one phase – or Element - to another. The balanced presence of all Five Elements provides a true sense of peace, well-being and harmony.

The Creation Cycle:

In this cycle the seed is nourished by the Water, which allows it to sprout and grow into a tree. This Wood feeds the Fire, which in turn burns and produces Earth. The Earth creates Metal, which is mined. Water is created as it condenses upon the Metal. This Water then begins the cycle again.

The YY family of products achieves this same sense of balance:

Hair Care (Wood): YY’s unique line of hair care products focuses on growth, regeneration and strength “the strength & vitality of wood”.

Makeup (Fire): Offering the passion and heat of Fire, our exclusive make-up line creates stunning, natural and beautiful well-balanced color, continually evolving to help you look and feel your best. “the heat & passion of fire”.

Skin Care (Earth): YY’s natural, pure skin-care products create the foundation for beautiful, well-balanced and nurtured skin. “the care & nourishment of earth”.

Nail Care (Metal): YY’s full line of nail care products and provide healthy, beautiful hands, feet, cuticles and nails. “the shimmer & integrity of metal”

Spa/Body Care (Water): Our extensive spa line feeds the soul, providing relaxation and inner calm “the calm & quiescence of water”.

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